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The best solution to grow your wedding venue or business online is WeddingAdvice.co.za!

WeddingAdvice.co.za makes every effort to ensure that our website gets found by both future bridal couples as well as potential wedding related service partner making us a must advertising website for you service.

Top reasons to join WeddingAdvice.co.za

  • WeddingAdvice.co.za is running a special for free advertising until June 2017 where after we are projected to become the top South Africa wedding directory!
  • Excellent FREE ONLINE exposure for your business until June 2017!
  • Designed, built and implemented for bridal couples WeddingAdvice.co.za was built to assist brides in finding the perfect wedding venue for them anywhere in South Africa and then to find service partners for their wedding and to provide helpful and relevant information to assist them in planning their wedding.
  • We have a complete social media presence.

How Much?

It is FREE till June 2017 and there after prices will vary according to the category. After June 2017 we will make price available for each category.

Advertise for FREE now?

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What’s Required

You will need to upload all your own information and photos after registering you service. You will then have your own individual page to market you business with your own log in and password to make changes yourself.

What is required?

  • Up to 18 photos relevant to only to your business.
  • A minimum of 2 paragraphs of text to be displayed on your web page.
  • Contact information for your page.

Why should I list with you and what do I get out of it?

We have a dedicated team who are here to make sure that you succeed and that you get business and also give amazing advice! We are going to become the most comprehensive wedding directory in South Africa so you better join while it is for FREE!

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